Social Studies Vocabulary and Readings

Bold Plans, Big Dreams, City Progress Identify and support the theme of a text English / Spanish

Bold Plans: Letter to the Mayor Write a persuasive text English / Spanish

Causes and Effect Diagram Summarize information in charts and other graphics English / Spanish

Chicago Economic Writers--A Chicago Economy Book English / Spanish write a booklet

A Chicago Century of Changes Locate and sequence historical information  English / Spanish
ChicagoHistory Writers Organize and communicate information about a topic English / Spanish

Chicago Legacy: Burnham's Plan Locate and use information to analyze a situation, write about a topic English / Spanish 

Chicago Legacy, DuSable's Choices and Changes Locate and use information to analyze a situation, then write about it English / Spanish 
Chicago Jobs classify information English / Spanish 

Chicago Physical Environment Timeline, 1800-1932 Analyze and infer cause-effect relationships

My Chicago Poem Write to communicate an idea  English / Spanish 

Chicago Transportation classify information English / Spanish 
Chicago Transportation Timeline
Analyze and infer cause-effect relationships (English/Spanish)

Community Flag Write to communicate in a variety of formats English / Spanish
History of a Woman Making a Difference English / Spanish

Historical Inference Organizer Make inferences English / Spanish
How did people solve a problem? Identify problem and solution English / Spanish

How Do Individuals Make Progress in Their Communities? Analyze a problem and solution in a text, identify and support the main idea English / Spanish
How Have Students Made Community Progress? Analyze a problem and solution in a text, identify and support the main idea English / Spanish 

How to Summarize an Event in History or Today summarize information about an event English / Spanish 
Interpret History Restate a situation presented in text or illustration, analyze that situation English / Spanish
ap History Organize information to explain a topic English / Spanish
Map Your Community Collect and organize information English / Spanish
Model How to Map a Story or a History Identify parts of a situation and make predictions based on those parts English / Spanish
My Family History Book Write about a real person and events English / Spanish
Native American Life--Potawatomi Profile Reading comprehension English / Spanish 
Pilsen, A Community Changes Identify causes and effects English / Spanish 
Show Chicago Progress identify words important to a topic and use them to write about it English / Spanish
Story/History Reader Identify and explain parts that are important in interpreting a situation English / Spanish 
eir Words infer English / Spanish 
What is Your Own Big Plan? Analyze a text and respond to the issues it presents, write an extended response to a persuasive text English / Spanish 
What Values Have Shaped Chicago? Identify the main idea of a passage English / Spanish 
Why is Community Service Important? Identify the main idea and supporting information English / Spanish
You're the Leader Use word origins and derivations to understand content area words English / Spanish 
You're the _____ Define and write with social studies terms English-Spanish

Geography Vocabulary Define and use geography terms (English/Spanish)
Word Bank: Communities and Regions
Define and write with geography terms (English/Spanish)
Word Bank: Location  Define and write with geography terms (English/Spanish)
Culture Vocabulary Define and use culture terms (English/Spanish)
Government Vocabulary Define and use government terms (English/Spanish)
Civics Word Bank
Define and write with civics terms (English/Spanish)

Economics Vocabulary Define and use economics terms (English-Spanish)

Science Vocabulary and Resources

Animals Word Bank Define and write with animal terms (English/Spanish)
Discoveries Vocabulary Define and use science terms (English/Spanish)

Ecology Vocabulary Define and use science terms (English-Spanish)

Environment Vocabulary Draw to show what words mean and write with them to tell about Chicago (English-Spanish)

Plant Words Define and write with plant terms (English-Spanish)

Science Word Bank Classify parts of speech in science English / Spanish

Solar System Page Reader Identify important information in a paragraph English / Spanish

Systems Vocabulary Define and use science terms (English-Spanish)

Technology Vocabulary Define and use science terms (English-Spanish)

Word Bank: Earth Science Define and write with science terms (English/Spanish)
Word Bank: Seasons and Weather (English/Spanish)
Define and write with science terms

You're the Astronomer Write about a science career English / Spanish

English/Spanish Art-Science-Humanities Resources from the Smithsonian

More Resources