Lesson Plan Templates and Guides

Example of a Self-Contained Lesson Plan

Example of a Third Grade Week-Long Lesson Plan

Lesson Planner: Outcomes, Introduction, Development, Conclusion, Assessment WordPDF

Plan Clear Learning

Four-Quarter Content Planner  WordPDF

Map the Month WordPDF

Content Learning Plan

Plan a Week of Reading/Writing Content

How to Plan Focused Lessons

Scheduling a Developmental Day

Schedule for a Developmental Week

Planner for a Week of Theme-Focused InstructionWordPDF

Week-Long Planner for Social Studies/Literacy Progress

Multi-Week Learning PlannerWordPDF

Chicago Progress Learning Unit Plan

Learning Resources for In-School and Extended Learning: Art, Computer, Library, Music Activities


Self Contained Classroom Lesson Planners

Weekly Lesson Planner WordWord-TabPDF

Example of a Weekly Lesson Plan PDF

Departmentalized Classroom Lesson Planners

Departmentalized Weekly Planner WordWord-TabPDF

Example of a Departmentalized Science Plan PDF

Planners for Multi-Week Science or Social Studies Units

Multi-Week Planner for Science or Social Studies Units WordWord-TabPDF

Example of a Multi-Week Plan for a Social Science Unit PDF

Art, Computer, Library, Music, Physical Education Planners

Lesson Planner for Art/Computer/Library/Music/Physical Education WordWord-TabPDF

Example of a 5-week Library Plan PDF

World Language Planners

World Language Weekly Planner  WordWord-TabPDF

Multi-Week Planner for World Language WordWord-TabPDF


Individual School Planners


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