Analyze an Artist's Technique Interpret artist's use of technique English / Spanish  Grades 4-8

Draw What You Hear Identify relevant information English Spanish

Draw What You Learned Knowledge Connector Take new information and connect it to what I knew Grades 3-8

Infer from Images Make and explain inferences English / Spanish

Interpret a Painting in Words Identify and explain words that are important to interpreting a painting English / Spanish Grades 3-8

Interpret History Restate a situation presented in text or illustration, analyze that situation English / Spanish Grades 3-8

Little Pink Riding Hood Identify characters in a story English / Spanish Grades 2-4

Main Idea Painting Analyzer Infer and support a main idea. Grades 4-8

Model How to Map a Story or a History Identify parts of a situation and make predictions based on those parts  English / Spanish Grades 2-8

Mood Analyzer for Stories and Paintings Interpret the mood of a painting or text. Grades 6-8

Mood Reader Infer the mood of a painting Grades 6-8

Paraphrase/Picture a Song, Poem Explain/write a poem/song English / Spanish Grades 3-8

Picture Meaning Illustrate a text  English / Spanish Grades 2-8

Picture a Sentence Restate the meaning of a sentence. Grades K-2

Picture a Situation Identify relationships English / Spanish  Grades 3-8

Picture a Text Identify important information and ideas Grades 4-8

Picture the Main Idea Identify and support a main idea English / Spanish  Grades 2-8

Picture Word Bank Identify words that are important to a topic English / Spanish Grades K-2

Poem Reader Interpret a writer's use of words English / Spanish Grades 3-8

Show to Tell Identify and communicate important information English / Spanish  Grades 2-8

Show Inferential Thinking Infer meaning based on a text or painting Grades 3-8

Show and Tell Characteristics of a Place Write and make a map to show important characteristics of a place Grades 3-8.

Show What Happened Identify parts of a situation and make predictions based on those parts English / Spanish Grades 2-8

Story/History Reader Identify and explain parts that are important in interpreting a situation English / Spanish Grades 4-8

Symbols, Maps, and Art: Read to Learn Support a main idea, compare and contrast Grades 4-6

Take Show and Tell into Representing Reading  Picture meaning English / Spanish Grades K-2

What Happened, Why? Sequence events, identify motive, infer character traits Grades 2-4

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