Fourth Quarter Literacy Development

start 4th quarter planning by previewing the NWEA resources.

NWEA Resources


Fourth Quarter Week-to-Week Priorities Integrating NWEA Requirements


 Kindergarten   Grade 1  Grade 2   Grade 3   Grade 4    Grade 5   Grades 6-8



Third Quarter Literacy Development Priorities

Kindergarten    1st Grade    2nd Grade    Grade 3       Grade 4       Grade 5    Grades 6-8

Sight Word Sentences                              Grades 3-5 Strategies for Second Semester

PreK-2nd Grade Strategies  



FICTION Interpretation Guides/Assessments


NONFICTION Guides Integrating Concise Constructed Response


Develop CONTENT LITERACY--organize then WRITE!

Graphic Analyzers to model, guide, and assess.   science     social studies  


Network 13 High School Resources 


Bilingual Resources




Social Studies






Skills Developers/Assessments




Literacy Assessment Resources 
Assess Diversely, Respond Progressively

Graphic Organizers as Assessors

Comprehensive Fiction Assessments

How to read a story--students can make their own "anchor" chart with examples.

Comprehensive Nonfiction Assessments



Guides to AnalyzePoetry, Speeches, Songs


Writing Guides






More Resources