Nonfiction Analyzers

PARCC includes TECRs, Technology Enhanced Constructed Response tasks—in which students move items relating to a text into a graphic organizer. These resources are designed as guides or assessments to strengthen thoughtful reading.

PARCC-Based Graphic Organizers PLUS Writing

The following graphic organizers are based directly on PARCC samples and include tasks in which students write about the content of their completed organizer.

List Important Details, then Summarize       Spanish

Bell School

Evaluate Support for a Claim       Spanish

Compare Articles      Spanish
Bell School

Compare a Central Idea Across Multiple Texts       Spanish

Use Evidence to Show How a Writer Communicates an Idea       Spanish

Summarize     Spanish

These organizers parallel PARCC TECRs and include writing based on the organizer.

Central Idea Analyzer       Spanish

Bell School

Comprehensive Assessment       Spanish

Content Learning Reporter       Spanish

Classify Facts and Opinions       Spanish

Nonfiction Reader--Assessment       Spanish

Nonfiction Evaluator
Bell School

Nonfiction Analyzer--Writer's Techniques

PARCC Sequence/NWEA Skills Integration
A structure showing the kind of progression PARCC requires with integrated specific NWEA skills.

More Nonfiction Graphic Organizers

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