Take Show and Tell into Representing Reading Picture meaning English / Spanish 

Independent Reading/Writing Activities Comprehension

Reading Writing Chicago Comprehension and vocabulary development

Questions to Ask about Stories You Read or Watch on TV

Thinking Questions and Activities to Guide Good Reading Comprehension 

Picture a Text--Show the Theme Identify important information and ideas

What Happened? Sequence events

What Happened, Why? Sequence events, identify motive, infer character traits

How did People Solve a Problem? Identify problem and solution English / Spanish

Little Pink Riding Hood Identify characters in a story. English / Spanish

Clarify Sequence Identify important events and sequence on a timeline

Extended Response--Think Clearly Organize an extended response

Get it Together: Show What's Important Identify and support a main idea English / Spanish

Paragraph Reader/Page Reader Identify important parts of a paragraph and use them to identify the main idea English / Spanish

Read Skillfully: Identify and support the main idea in nonfiction

Show That You Can Infer the Main Idea

Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram Compare and contrast English / Spanish

Compare and Contrast (Chart)

Read Skillfully: Compare and contrast

Read Skillfully: Contrast and evaluate fact and opinion

I can classify facts and opinions 

My Important Learning Identify important content English / Spanish 

Read to Learn Organize information about a topic English / Spanish

Chart to Classify Classify information English / Spanish

I Can Classify Information

I can classify and infer when I read about real things

Read Skillfully: Locate and classify information

I Can Locate and Classify Information about a Story or History

I Can Locate and Classify Information about a Topic

I Can Locate Important Information 

List What's Important Locate and evaluate information English / Spanish

Collect and Combine Information about a Topic Take new information and connect it to what I knew

Locate and Paraphrase Important Information Paraphrase English / Spanish 

Make it Yours: Paraphrase Paraphrase what I read English / Spanish

Interpret History Restate a situation presented in text or illustration, analyze that situation English / Spanish

How to Summarize Summarize information English / Spanish

Read Skillfully: Summarize a story

Read Skillfully: Summarize a story or event

Read Skillfully: Summarize history

Read Skillfully: Summarize science

I Can Identify and Infer Character Traits

Read Skillfully: Identify and infer character traits

Their Words Infer English / Spanish

Diagram Maker Identify relationships English / Spanish

Picture a Situation Identify relationships English / Spanish 

Read Skillfully: Analyze relationships

Read Skillfully: Identify, analyze, and evaluate problem and solution

I Can Analyze a Problem and Solution

Model How to Map a Story or History Identify parts of a situation and make predictions based on those parts English / Spanish

Read Skillfully: Infer predictions

Read Skillfully: Analyze and infer motive

Read Skillfully: Identify and analyze plot and setting

Timeline Maker Sequence and evaluate events English / Spanish

Poem Reader Interpret a writer's use of words  English / Spanish

Read Skillfully: Identify and analyze author's purpose

Read Skillfully: Identify and analyze author's techniques

Read Skillfully: Infer the meaning of a word from context

Paraphrase/Picture a Song, Poem Explain/write a poem/song English / Spanish 

Interpret "This Little Light of Mine" English-Spanish 

Make Your Own Multiple Choice Question Ask and answer questions about a topic  English / Spanish 

Ask Questions to Guide Better Reading Comprehension English / Spanish

Student Literacy Development

Story Writer Write a story that teaches a lesson English / Spanish 

Story/History Reader Identify and explain parts that are important in interpreting a situation English / Spanish 

Display Learning: Book Writer Organize and communicate information about a topic English / Spanish 

Read Wisely (English/Spanish) Interpret proverbs.

Make TV a Learning Resource Reading skills English / Spanish

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