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The premier site for national and international top stories; news and information on business, politics, etc.

Contemplator Provides links to popular American songs in American History from the 17th c. and beyond and with speakers you can hear them, too. Read about the lyrics, and historical background information.
The Dismal Scientist A collection of easily understood information about economics, including definitions and data. A good starting place for economics research, especially for those who want to become familiar with the basic terms and concepts of economics.


Encyclopedia of Psychology


Indexes published documents on psychology careers, historical figures, disorders, and resources.


Flags of All Countries


Has an alphabetical listing of flags for every country, as well as maps of all the countries.


Herblock’s Cartoons


Political Cartoons that provide not only the cartoon itself, but commentary about what was going on in history at the time.

Legal Information Institute: Supreme Court Decisions Includes a key-word searchable index which allows you to search all Supreme Court decisions after May 1990. Court prepared summaries of those decisions are indexed.
Library of Congress Once you click the link, the site automatically generates what happened on that day throughout history. Also, provides additional links for referencing and further research.


Library of Congress


Provides maps from 1500-2004 in the US and classified by Cities and Towns; Conservation and Environment; Discovery and Exploration; Transportation and Communication; Military Battles and Campaigns; and Cultural Landscapes.


National Women’s History Project


Provides biographies and additional learning links of the history of women including Women who Changed History, Women in Science and Math, Women in Politics, etc.


Peace Corps, World Wise Schools


Includes information about countries (maps, videos, statistics, etc.), cultures, stories, letters, photos, and a “global café” where you can learn what it’s like to be a teen in another country.

Rhyme Zone State capitals interactive quiz.
Social Studies School Service Features include browsing social studies books by title and subject as well as key word, sample lessons from activity books on database, free video previewing, and newsletter with current events.

7 Crazy Taxes from the U.S. and Abroad
Recommended by Samantha, Coastal Academy, California!

UNICEF Voices of Youth UNICEF's online forum invites young people to learn about and express their views on today's global issues of development, peace, and justice.
We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident This site examines multiculturalism and democratic principles within the context of schools. Developed by San Diego State University's College of Education.
Wessel’s Living History Provides an opportunity to interactively learn about innovations in farming and agriculture and how that shaped America during the 1920’s and 1930’s.
The White House Official Website Includes up-to-the-minute national and international news, an index of major speeches, a look into the offices, and audio streaming of the White House radio.

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