Cross Cutting History Concepts Developed by the Chicago History Museum:
    Challenge   Choice   Change    Causes and Effects    Context   Continuity   Identity   Relationships    Values

“History…'must be a manual'…to avoid repeating ’the mistakes of the past'…while building…'a roadway toward a better world.'” Eulogy for Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, June 26, 2015, by Barack Obama, cited in New York Times article, “A Eulogy that Found its Place in History” by Michiko Kakutani, New York Times, July 4, 2015.

Items are listed in more than one category because the concepts students learn are like windows—they frame a situation.
You can look at the same situation through different windows.



Leaders and Legacies



Chicago's Future


Pilsen, A Community Changes

Chicago Legacy: DuSable's Choices and Changes Grades 7 and 8

Public Transportation nonfiction reading

CHICAGO THEN AND NOW How do people meet needs ...

Illinois Futures Persuasive Writing Projects

Week Plan Example Content and Literacy Social Studies Topic Settlement

Better Living in Chicago: Jane Addams

An African American Poet

Transportation Workers  nonfiction reading

Get It
Get It Clear
Get It Together Focus Act Report

Get It
Get It Clear
Get It Together Focus Act Report

Grade 3 Nonfiction_Chicago Changes_Chicago Settlement Reading

How have students made community progress?

Chicago Legacies: Extended Response Organizer

Chicago Transportation Timeline 1800-1932

What values have shaped Chicago

Chicago Progress Learning Unit Plan

FICTION: Letter to Grandmother

Why is Community Service Important?

The Struggle for Civil Rights

Chicago Transportation Changes: Organize an Extended Response based on the Transportation Timeline

Cities as Centers of US History 

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Plan Your Future


3rd Grade Realistic Fiction about Choices

Deval Patrick Inaugural Speech

Chicago Changes
Nonfiction reading


Chicago Careers


Early Chicago

Nonfiction reading

How do individuals make progress in their communities

An African Heritage in Chicago



Think Big--Our 2020 Plan


  Harold Washington's Acceptance Speech     My View--Chicago's Future, My Future!