Classify to Clarify


Aligns with CCSSR1--Read closely...the examples that students put into a chart can be from a story, a history, any fiction or nonfiction.

In fact, they can use a chart to classify the information in a history and the information in a story about the same event to see how the same

texts tell the same event differently.


Constructed Response Organizer: Two-Column Chart



Chart Vocabulary


Smart Chart Picture Vocabulary Grades K-2


Spelling Pattern Word Chart


Smart Chart-Core Vocabulary


Smart Chart Word Bank Grades 3-8



Chart Fiction


Chart Feelings with Synonyms and Antonyms





I Can Locate and Classify Information about a Story—one page postable questions


I Can Locate and Classify Information from a Story


Chart to Show How Characters Respond to Events


Analyzing Plot, Character, Action, Motive, Effect


Whistler Upper Grade Metaphor Chart



Chart to Clarify Content Area ideas from READING NONFICTION


Knowledge Organizer: Chart


Chart to See Ideas in Geography


KEY IDEA: A Place has characteristics


Assess with Charts-Compare and Contrast History


Students read to find answers to their own questions, Gray School.