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Planning Templates

Planning Guides to Connect Ideas and Facts with BIG Questions

Social Science/Common Core Literacy Unit Planner   Word   PDF

Pioneer GROW Planner

Thanksgiving GROW Planner

Example of a Multi-Week Plan for a Social Science Unit PDF

Content Planner Template Word / PDF

Content Planner Template with Recommendations Word / PDF

This Week's Reading-Thinking-Content Plan

Template for Content Literacy Plan

Kindergarten-8th Grade Social Studies Content and Concepts

Grades K-2 Social Studies Planner     Word     PDF

K-2 Social Studies Literacy Plan and Activity Guides

Grades 3-5 Social Studies Planner     Word     PDF

Grades 6-8 Social Studies Planner     Word     PDF

Multi-Week Planner for Science or Social Studies Units WordWord-TabPDF

Example of a Content Learning Week with PQROST

Social Studies Learning Activities—Week Plan Example

Social Studies Plan on Law and Democracy--Week Plan Example

What is the Learning Report Connection?

Learning Outline