Graphic Organizers to Expand Understanding

Math Graphic Organizer Guide for Clemente High School


Analyze and Infer Causes and Effects  Word-Tab / PDF

Classify  Word / PDF

Evaluate Decisions  Word-Tab / PDF

Evaluate Events  Word-Tab / PDF

Get It Together--Show What's Important  Word / Word-Tab / PDF

Locate and Collect Important Information Word-Tab / PDF

Organize an Argument  Word-Tab / PDF

Graphic Organizers to Guide and Assess Student Learning

Analyze a Theme

Analyze Relationships

Answer the Big Question with Evidence

Answer the Big Question with Citation of Evidence


Compare and Contrast

Contrast Points of View

Evaluate Decisions

How to Summarize an Event in History or Today--or a Story

Infer the Meaning of a Multi-Meaning Word from Context

Main Idea Analyzer

Music-Art-Poem-Story Mood Analyzer

My Learning Progress

Organize an Argument

Picture a Passage

Show and Explain a Topic

Story/History Reader


Trace History

Use Logic to Solve a Problem or Answer a Question

Word Keys

More Graphic Organizers

More Resources