Reading Resources Online



American Library Association

Information regarding annual teen week, resources and data, and recommended reading lists for teens

Brock University

An easy to follow step by step guide to critical reading written by students.

Internet Public Library

Contains books, newspapers, and magazines that are available freely through the Internet. Has a special section for teen readers.

Literacy Connections

Offers resources for literary programs, ESL and adult literacy links, success stories, and an online store where additional information and reading resources can be purchased.

Merriam Webster Online: The Language Center

Offers the full-text of the Merriam Webster collegiate dictionary and thesaurus. The site also offers links to word games, word of the day, etc.

New York University

Literature database of online annotations in a variety of genres.  One special feature is to actually hear the writer read his/her work as it was intended or hear a story told by the writer related to the work.
One Look

Provides a reverse dictionary where students can type in a concept or definition using their own words and the site will generate a list of words that match.


Offers students several resources and games—everything from alphabet organizers to word puzzles, drama maps, and graphic reading and writing tools—to help them improve their reading and writing skills.

Vocabulary University

Offers free word puzzles, test prep, and recommended reading resources for various levels. Level 3 is for high school students.

Western/Pacific LINCS

This website is a service of the National Institution for Literacy, and provides several student/learner resources and web links, including ESL, adult, and family literacy guides. It also offers learning activities, such as reading a story online and answering questions to improve reading comprehension.

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