Spanish/English Core Bilingual Resources



Use Graphic Organizers to Demonstrate,

Guide and Assess to Advance

Students can work independently, then

pair to compare and adjust to learn more.


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academic vocabulary     reading skills

Assessment Guides


Activities to Develop Comprehensive
Reading/Thinking\Writing Competence




3rd Quarter

Week-to-Week Learning Priorities

Grade       1             3            5


Grades 6-8 


NWEA Math and Reading Comprehensive Guide

Make Strategic Use of Online NWEA Resources



Teaching/Learning Resources


Literacy Guides and Readings



Connect Learning to Chicago

Chicago    Chicago Literacies--

             Activities and Texts to Learn about past and plan the future

             --Organized for the Chicago History Museum


Read/THINK\Write Chicago

More engaging activities so students strengthen skills and learn about their city.


Integrate Art toExpand Learning


Illustrated Preamble to the Constitution 



Community Schools Connect!


Community School Resources


Parent Literacy Resources--English and Spanish


Parent Leadership Planning Resources


School Leadership Resources   



 Unit and Lesson Planning Resources


Assess Formatively to Advance

Inspire!   Exemplary Work


Teachers Make the Difference!

Creative Content Poetry stars
     John P. Curtin, 8/29/1967–4/26/2012            


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