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All Science Fair Projects

Over 500 science fair projects, searchable, and with complete instructions.

Ask a Scientist

The Regional Alliance for Mathematics and Science Education’s site allows you to ask professional scientists questions regarding their area of expertise, as well as browse frequently asked questions.
Cells Alive

Uses animation, 3-D, and video clips to show you the world of cellular biology and microorganisms including viruses and bacteria.

Chemistry Consortium Dictionary

Definitions of commonly used chemistry terms and a periodic table illustration.

Discovery School

Lesson plans and resources for teachers set by K-5. 6-8, and 9-12 clusters within Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences.

DNA From the Beginning

An animated, interactive primer on DNA and heredity. This site covers the entire range of genetics, from basic inheritance to up-to-the-minute methods of DNA analysis.

The DNA Learning Center

This site takes you from the introduction to DNA all of the way to sequencing techniques and more.
Earth and Moon Viewer

Here, you can view maps and full-color images of the Earth and moon from different angles, as well as customize a specific view you would like to see using certain parameters.

High School Hub

An online interactive learning center with homework help on Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Also includes learning activities, vocabulary, college and career guidance, and current events.

Inner Learning Online – Human Anatomy

Contains over one hundred illustrations of the human body with animations and descriptive links. When you click on those links, information about that part of the anatomy is displayed.

IrYdium Project

Java Applets to test your understanding of a number of important chemical principles. Curriculum supports are available--providing examples of challenge problems to supplement textbook problems and connect key principles to real world contexts as well as concept tests for use during class.

Materials Research Science & Engineering Centers

Offers a variety of activities designed to make science accessible to students. Also available are hands-on lessons, demonstrations, support for science fairs, mobile laboratories, and mentorship programs.
Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom

Complete information guide to rocks, minerals, and gemstones.
NASA For Students

Aimed at students in grades 9-12, this section of NASA’s web page provides news, multimedia, contacts, and homework help.
New Scientist Magazine

Provides answers to questions about everyday phenomena, and information on science and technological news from around the world.
Nine Planets

An overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system.

PSIgate provides free access to high quality Internet resources for students, researchers and practitioners Check out the interactive tutorials provided in varying degrees of difficulty and in the specific area you want help.
The Particle Adventure

Student and teacher worksheets on basic particle physics (also available in Spanish).

Information, news, quizzes, polls, and documentary information.
Physics Instructional Research Association

Online demonstrations and interactive physics programs.
Quiz Hub--Teaching
Quiz Hub--Resources
Quiz Hub

This free online interactive site offers several resources or “hubs” for both middle and high school students. Resources for teacher as well from lesson plans to resources.
Science Connection

Offers hands-on science lesson plans for teachers.
Temperature and Measurement Information about temperature, temperature measurement, kinetic theory, and thermodynamics.
Tree of Life

Aids in the learning and appreciation of biodiversity and the interconnectedness of all living things. Provides information about the evolutionary history and characteristics of all groups of organisms.
Web Elements

THE premiere periodic table on the internet.
Whole Frog Project

Allows visitors to interactively dissect a digitized frog.

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