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Site Description Types of Skills
A+ Research and WritingStep by Step Step-by-Step guide to researching and writing a paper. Research PapersResearch Papers
ABC’s of the Writing Process The purpose of this site is to provide user- friendly online resource, for students or teachers, no matter what they are being challenged to write.   Writing ProcessWriting Process
Basic Guide to Essay Writing These simple steps will guide you through the essay writing process. Essay writing processEssay writing process
Common Errors in English Huge list of errors that are all links, which will redirect you to a page that explains how the error is most commonly made. Correct English usage
Daily Grammar Sign-up and receive a free email M-F with a grammar lesson; on Saturday you will get a grammar quiz sent to you. English Grammar
Exercise Central Exercise Central is the largest collection of editing exercises available online, that provide practice for mastering the skills of editing grammar, style, punctuation, and mechanics. Editing
The Guide The several sections of the Guide address writing from various directions, offering advice and information about both the process and the product of writing, about form as well as content. Writing process, forms, citation
A Guide for writing research papers This site prepared by the Humanities Department of Capital Community-Technical College in Hartford, Connecticut, assists with guides to taking notes, using outlines, using quotations, and formatting. Research paper techniques, MLA style
Houghton Mifflin—Textbook site Keys for Writers: A Brief Handbook is a textbook to help writers Writing handbook/
How to write an essay Learning how to write professionally. assistance
The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing Designing essays--The beginning, The middle, The ending. Writing steps, presentation
Oswego High School Online Writing Guide This site provides guides to creating an outline, writing a simple paragraph, writing a thesis statement, writing a traditional essay, and citing one’s sources. College Writing—style, structure, citation
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant You'll find information about how to write various types of essays, how to organize ideas, and how to edit and revise your work. Don't let the fact that this site was designed for college students scare you away. The material is presented in a very clear and easily understood manner. Outlining, writing process, citation
Prentice Hall Reference Guide This website offers a guide to grammar and usage with multiple choice and writing activities. Essay organization and types, citation
Purdue’s Writing Lab This website is a resource for the Purdue University community but offers handout and information for writing to any one who visits the site. Grammar Usage
Robin’s Nest Robin's Nest for Writers is a resource center for writers of all genres. You'll find online workshops for writers, workshops on how writers can use the Internet, writing links, and more. Writing tutorials, ESL assistance
A Time for Rhyme Grandpa Tucker's FUN and easy guide to writing poems. Research Papers
Western Michigan University Writing Papers of Literary Analysis If you're serious about wanting to improve your writing, visit this site. It's intended for high school and college students, but eighth graders can understand and benefit from the material presented. Writing Poetry
Writing Den This site explores the parts of a paragraph, the writing process, and how to write various types of sentences, paragraphs and essays. Writing organization, style, mechanics

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