Bell teachers frame their students' work with a BIG question.
Then the students' responses become part of an exhibit that everyone can visit to learn from the Bell students—and think about their own responses to that BIG question.

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How are the sun, moon and earth alike and different?

What is the relationship among producers and consumers within a specific ecosystem's food chain?

What can we learn about history from interviewing our families?

How can learning about the universe help us to better understand the earth and its future?

Which nonfiction text features helped locate facts about polar bears?

Early Explorers: Why did they explore?

How did walking change the world?

How are we alike and different?

Students explain in words and pictures what they think is important to know about genetics.

How do you use sentence context clues to spell homophones correctly?

How can using descriptive language help you solve our "Monster Mysteries"?

What's funny about the 2nd Law of Motion?

What is a snowman?

What is peace?

How does an electric current flow in a series circuit vs. a parallel circuit?

Why is the Water Cycle important?


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