Bar Graph Maker to Analyze Data Construct and explain patterns with graphs  English / Spanish
The Bottom Line: Write t
o Explain Analyze and explain how to solve a problem English / Spanish

Chicago Geometry Book Identify and describe shapes English / Spanish 

Collect Data Organize Data English / Spanish

Five Ways to Make 5  Show number facts English / Spanish  Blank template: English / Spanish

Graph Changes Construct and explain patterns with graphs English / Spanish

Graph to Compare and Contrast Relative Amounts Construct and explain patterns with graphs English / Spanish

Graph Proportions  Construct and explain patterns with graphs  English / Spanish

Independent Math Learning Activities All Skills English / Spanish 

Math Knowledge Chart Show number facts English / Spanish 

Math Path Solve and explain a problem. English  / Spanish 

Math Progression Learn new math skills English / Spanish

Multiple Choice Question Maker Make up multiple choice questions English / Spanish 

Math Reader Identify what's important when I read a math word problem English / Spanish

Math Skills with the Newspaper Construct a problem based on real information, solve a problem with real numbers English / Spanish
Math That Grows Model with mathematics--measure and analyze plant growth. English /Spanish
Math Writer: Make Math Story Problems Write a story with numerical information, construct a math problem based on a story English /Spanish 

My Own Math Vocabulary Guide Define and give examples of math terms English / Spanish

This Week's Math Identify and explain important math skills English / Spanish
Math Vocabulary Words in English and Spanish Supports all math standards Grades K-6:
Kindergarten  /  First Grade  /  Second Grade  / Third Grade / Fourth Grade / Fifth Grade  / Sixth Grade

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