A Better Future

Candidates Take Positions

Electing the Future

My Favorite Candidate

My Favorite Citizen

Three Choices--Ways to Solve One Problem

Election TV Commercial

Online Resources for Learning about the Presidential Election


Grades 3-5

Vocabulary Builder: Citizen's Glossary

Special School Newspaper Issue on the Election

Three Levels of Government

The Geography of Government

Government Work

Election Choices and Changes

Election News Log

School Futures

Farm Futures

What's Important to You?

Persuasive Talking

Illinois Issue

Illinois Resources, Industry, and Pollution

Illinois Transportation Questions

Perspective: After the Election

Illinois Futures: Persuasive Writing Projects


Grades 6-10

Vocabulary Builder: Government Glossary

School Newspaper Issue on the Election

Three Branches: Now and Then

It's Your Right

Politics and Predictions

Then/Now/When: Government Programs

The Economy

School Futures

Important Issues

Politics and Persuasive Speaking

Perspective: After the Election


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