Primary Literacy Resource Guide  

Ms. Carrion at Lowell School develops students’ vocabulary knowledge through active student involvement.

Work Station Activity Guide
Reader's Report: My Favorite Part Below: primary students appreciate a story part--writing their opinion and supporting it.


A True Story about My Part of Chicago

Chicago Poem

Chicago Poem Construction Kit (Legal Size)

Student of Ms. Franklin at West Park Elementary maps a story.

Read Comprehensively--Primary Reader

Sequence the Story Parts

Above: examples by students of Ms. Vasquez at Lowell School


What Characters Say Can Show Feelings
Student of Ms. Jimenez at West Park Academy illustrates a story.
Turtle and Rabbit--Fable Legal Size to Enable Cutting Lines to Place on Graphic Organizers
Word-Picture Grid Fry Vocabulary Activities

Primary students create their own examples to show what words mean.

Picture Word Bank: English / Spanish


Students of Ms. Augusta at Lowell School illustrate a story and then give their picture to other students to identify.

Primary students of Ms. Cavallery at Lowell School identify the central idea of a story.




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