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Graphic Organizers to Analyze Science Content and/or

Assess Science Knowledge


Writing Guides--these guides can help students clarify what they learn and can be assessments when completed independently


Activity Guides


English/Spanish Physics Resources from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History


Science Careers

Bell students exhibit ideas: How can learning about the universe help us to better understand the earth and its future?

Jahn student illustrates a volcano.


Pilsen Science Exhibit: Rocks and Minerals

Bell Students exhibit ideas: How are the sun, moon and earth alike and different?

Bell Students exhibit ideas: What is the relationship among producers and consumers within a specific ecosystem's food chain?

Pilsen Student Explains the Water Cycle


Science activity by student at Sexton School

Science illustration by a student at Sexton School.


Jahn School student pictorial glossaries with drawings that integrate the words:




Assessment Resources


"I want to learn more about animals."

Student at Gray School


Teacher Planning Resources

"I am interested in soil and how it forms."

Student at Gray School


I chose the word 'knowledge' because we learned a lot."--4th Grader at Gray School


Bell School Exhibit Question: How does an electric current flow in a series circuit vs. a parallel circuit?

Bell School Exhibit Question: Why is the Water Cycle important?

Link to Online Parent and Student Science Resources

Students at Chicago Academy Analyze the Development of Solar Inventions:

What is important to know about SOLAR ENERGY?


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