Whistler students envision Chicago's future

--their city's progress.

Whistler School welcomes students every day with a focus on the future.

Each student decided what is important about Chicago--past and present.

Students explained their ideas with examples they identified.

Students decided what they wanted to accomplish in their Chicago futures.

Students profiled themselves in the future.

Students wrote to identify important traits of persons who have made difficult choices in Chicago.

Destiny shares her destiny.

Each student prepared a part of the entire exhibit that supported the themes.

Students identified themselves with the Chicago flag--and they are indeed Chicago stars.

The students were actively thinking and writing.

The students were able to create their own futures on paper--and will do so in real life.

The students created their own Chicago History Museum exhibit.

Each piece became part of a an exhibit--a whole vision..

The exhibit framed the student responses with a big question about Chicago progress.

The exhibit focuses on progress.

The students personified their own ideas.

The students are Chicago now--and will be its future.


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