Writing to Learn/Learning to Write with Chicago Topics

The Reading/THINKING\Writing Core

These guides are adaptable to different grade levels depending on the amount of guidance.

All can be completed independently or collaboratively.

We recommend that students "pair and compare" their writing so that they can appreciate

each other's writing and also recommend improvements.


How Do Writers Communicate a Main Idea? -- with "Chicago Then and Now" reading

A True Story about My Part of Chicago

Chicago Book Maker organize information to write about an expository topic English / Spanish

Chicago Culture Alphabet identify words related to a topic

My Family History Book write about a real person and events English / Spanish

My Pictures Show My Community communicate information in a variety of ways

Show and Tell Community History organize information to explain a topic

List What's Important locate and evaluate information English / Spanish

Poem Builder create a poem English / Spanish

Chicago Poem Construction Kit (8.5 x 14) create a poem about Chicago

Write and Illustrate a Children's Book organize and communicate about a topic English / Spanish

Chicago Economic Writers--A Chicago Economy Book English / Spanish write a booklet

Expository Writer--An Important Part of Chicago

Expository Paragraph Writer: Profile a Person write a paragraph to describe a person

Expository Paragraph Writer: Profile a Person's Character Trait write a paragraph to describe a person's character traits

Expository Paragraph Writer: Profile a Place write a paragraph to describe a place

Chicago History Dramatists write a play

Chicago History Writers English / Spanish

Chicago Poem English / Spanish

Map Your Community collect and organize information English / Spanish

People Working Together to Make Greater Progress organize and present information about an idea and summarize it

Write an Article--Chicago Changes organize and write a comparison/contrast essay

Write about a Proverb, English-Spanish interpret an idea in writing

Chicago Science Writers--How an Ecosystem Works organize and write expository text

Chicago Writers--An Important Change in the History of the Chicago River organize and write narrative

Community History-Future Book make a plan and communicate it

Organize to Write Clearly--Sort Facts and Write an Essay about Barack Obama

Narrative Writer Chicago History: organize writing about a theme or idea

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