Diversify Activities: Reading Partner Projects


Expand Thinking with Drama:   English   Spanish


Primary Reading—Picture Activities/Assessments


Guide Strategic Readers to Learn More:   English    Spanish


Develop Reading Skills with Questions


Questions Based on Learning First Assessment


Four Levels of Questions:     English     Spanish


Use Symbols to Develop Interpretation Activities


My Important Learning:    English     Spanish


How to Summarize:     English     Spanish


Punctuation Signals:    English     Spanish


Read to Learn:    English     Spanish


Make it Yours—Paraphrase:     English     Spanish


Locate and Paraphrase Important Information:    English     Spanish


Story/History Reader:    English    Spanish


Their Words:    English     Spanish


Inference Organizer:    English    Spanish


Paraphrase/Picture a Song or Poem:    English    Spanish


Make Your Own Multiple Choice Question:    English     Spanish


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