Use Graphic Organizers to Guide and Clarify Reading

Causes and Effect English / Spanish
Chart to Classify Summarize information in charts and other graphics English / Spanish 

Chicago Century of Changes English / Spanish

Classify to Clarify Classify information English / Spanish 

Collect Evidence to Support an Idea Locate, collect, and organize information to support an idea English / Spanish 

Compare and Contrast (Venn Diagram) Compare and contrast English / Spanish  

Diagram Maker Identify relationships English / Spanish  

Expand Thinking with Drama Dramatize a situation English / Spanish

Get it Clear Locate and collect information to respond to a question English / Spanish 

Get It Together: Show What's Important - Main Idea Identify and support a main idea  English / Spanish
How did people solve a problem? Identify problem and solution English / Spanish

How to Summarize Summarize a nonfiction text English / Spanish 

Inference Organizer Make and support inferences English / Spanish
Interpret History English / Spanish

k plus Evaluate information English / Spanish 

Knowledge Connector Combine information and write to explain English / Spanish

Levels of Questions Comprehension English / Spanish

List What's Important  Locate and evaluate information English / Spanish

Little Pink Riding Hood Identify characters in a story English / Spanish 

Locate and Paraphrase Important Information Paraphrase English / Spanish 

Make It Yours: Paraphrase Paraphrase what I read English / Spanish 

Make Your Own Multiple Choice Question I can ask and answer questions about a topic English / Spanish

Make TV a Learning Resource English / Spanish Reading skills 

My Important Learning Identify important content English / Spanish  
Non-fiction Writers Use Text English / Spanish
Paragraph Reader/Page Reader Identify important parts of a paragraph and use them to identify the main idea English / Spanish

Picture a Paragraph English / Spanish
Picture Non-fiction Vocabulary English / Spanish

Questions to Ask about Stories You Read or Watch on TVMake and support inferences English / Spanish
   For Parents: Make TV Time Thinking Time English / Spanish
Read to Learn Organize information I find about a topic English Spanish

Read-Think-Write: Extended ResponseRestate a situation presented in text or illustration English / Spanish 

Share Knowledge Fact Bank Locate and evaluate information English / Spanish 
Strategy Assign TV Homework English / Spanish
Strategy Sequence Reading Stages English / Spanish
Strategy Sequence Thinking English / Spanish

Story/History Reader Identify important elements in a story or history English / Spanish

Teacher Planning Tool: Extended Response Organizer English / Spanish

Draw to Develop Reading Skills

Analyze an Artist's Technique Interpret artist's use of technique English / Spanish 

Draw What You Hear Identify relevant information English Spanish

Infer from Images Make and explain inferences English / Spanish

Interpret a Painting in Words Identify and explain words that are important to interpreting a painting English / Spanish

Interpret History Restate a situation presented in text or illustration, analyze that situation English / Spanish 
Model How to Map a Story or a History Identify parts of a situation and make predictions based on those parts  English / Spanish 

Picture Meaning Illustrate a text  English / Spanish 
Picture a Situation Identify relationships English / Spanish 
Picture the Main Idea Identify and support a main idea English / Spanish 
Picture Word Bank Identify words that are important to a topic English / Spanish
Show to Tell Identify and communicate important information English / Spanish 

Show What Happened Identify parts of a situation and make predictions based on those parts English / Spanish 

Story/History Reader Identify and explain parts that are important in interpreting a situation English / Spanish 
Take Show and Tell into Representing Reading  Picture meaning English / Spanish

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