Integrate Test Prep

Question Maker/Answer Rater

My Own Guide to Test Success

Open Ended Question Maker Word/PDF

Four Levels of Questions English / Spanish

Get It: Literal Questions

Get It Clear: Analytic Questions

Think More: Inferential Questions

Think It Through: Evaluative Questions

Analyze the Question

Answer Evaluator

Book-Based Questions

Make Multiple-Choice Questions English / Spanish

Student Learning Reports

Reading Priorities

Test Prep Continuity

GROW--Responsive Assessment Planner Word-tab / PDF

Formative Assessment Plan Word-tab / PDF

Formative Assessment Planner--With Options Word-tab / PDF

Formative Assessment Grid Word-tab | PDF

Plan Clear Learning

Clear Comprehensive Assessment

High School Assessment System

Elementary Assessment Every Five Weeks

Elementary Structures

Standards Based Planning and Assessment Word / PDF

Standards Planning Tools Word / PDF

Performance-Based Assessments

Weekly Assessment Chart