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Seneca Thanksgiving

Analyze Proverbs and Sayings to Infer Values

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Cultural Frames

Cultural Frames Textbook

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Cultural Mobiles

Cultural Mosaics

Cultural Time Line

Culture Questions Insights

Mapping A Culture

Culture Alphabet

Picture Culture

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Places Represent Values: Making a Cultural Map Key

Use Symbols to Develop Interpretation Abilities

Ancient Cultures Topic Report Organizer

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Native Americans Topic Report Organizer

Native American Views of Nature

Song Writer

Culture Song Reader

Water and History

Mexico Past and Present 

World Writers: Country History Book  

Cultural Artwork from the University of Chicago Lab School

Online Resources from the Smithsonian in English and Spanish:

Andean Rhythms (PDF)
Workshop handout on the music of the Andean region. Includes a glossary of music terms, instrucitons for making a panpie, and brief histories of Andean instruments.

Native Songs: Corridos sin Fronteras (Website)
Learn about, listen to, and write corridos, native songs. Includes videos and information on the history of corridos, timeline with important historical events and the corridos written about them, music samples, biographies of moden corridor artists, glossary, articles and publications, and lesson plans.

Alerta Sings & Canciones para el ReCreo/Children's Songs for the Playground (Website)
Acclaimed Folkways childrens' recordings with easy-to-learn songs from Latin America, the Caribbean, Argentina, and Chile. Accompanied by children singing and Latin American instruments.

Puerto Rico Colonial Art (PDF)
Guide exploring fifteen artworks and providing the historical significance of each piece.