FIRST Analyze the Problem, THEN Solve It

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Math Operations Assessment—Five Ways to Make a Five

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Math Problem Solvers Think Strategically

Math Reader  English / Spanish

Math Sequence

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Solve a Word Problem Strategically     Word / PDF

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Independent Math Learning Activities English / Spanish Grades 3-8

Math Interest Survey

Collect, Organize, Analyze Chicago Data

Algebra Connections Sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education

Make Your Own Multiple Choice Question English / Spanish (Grades 3-8)

Five Ways to Make a Five English / Spanish  (Grades 3-8)
     Blank Template: English / Spanish

Multiple Choice Question Maker for Learning Center

Ten Ways to Make a Ten (Grades 3-8)

Math Knowledge Chart English / Spanish (Grades K-1)

Chart to Make Math Patterns Clear


I Know My Numbers (Grades K-1)

Math Knowledge Chart English / Spanish (Grades K-1)

I Can Collect and Analyze Data  English / Spanish

Connect Math to Observing and reporting data about plants:

Math That Grows English / Spanish

Apply math to real-life business situations

Math at Work       Business Math

Make and Analyze Bar, Line and Circle Graphs

Analyze Changes over Time with a Line Graph

Line Graph Maker  English   /   Spanish

Analyze Proportions with a Circle Graph

Circle Graph Maker  English   /   Spanish 

Analyze Relative Quantities with a Bar Graph

Bar Graph Maker to Analyze Data   English / Spanish

My Own Guide to ISAT Math Success

Math Learning/Assessment Guides that Include Writing

Teacher Resources

A clear example of guiding students to apply Math Practice Standard 1—make sense of the problem, then solve it persistently.
Ms. Ferreira, Pilsen Community Academy School

Wentworth student definitions with illustrations in math.

Wentworth students provide comprehensive definition of box plots.

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