Upper Grade Metaphor Chart

Whistler School


Proverbs inspire and develop interpretation abilities

Whistler School Proverb Analysis


Analyze, infer, create: comprehensive listings of proverbs aligned with themes.

Illustrate a Proverb

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Classroom Posters:

How do you read a poem?   8.5 x 14    11 x 17

How does a poet share ideas?    11 x 17 Color    11 x 17 Black

Student Learning/Assessment Guides




Questions to guide poetry interpretation

Poem Analyzer: Writer's Techniques

Poem Analyzer NWEA Skills Integrated

Common Core Poem Reader

Interpret figurative language

Interpret a poem or song

Interpret the literature of a culture

Interpret content area poetry

Infer values using spirituals

Compare and contrast two different kinds of passages about the same topic or theme.

Gwendolyn Brooks, An African American Poet (biography reading)
Grade Level: 3-4     5-6    7-8



Write Poetry to Express Ideas and

Learn More about the Poet's Techniques

Poem Planner

Write Poetry to Learn More about Interpreting Poetry

Poetry Rubric

Write a poem or song

Analyze then Create a Persuasive Song

Chicago Poem Construction Kit (8.5 x 14)

Design a powerful poem

Poem Planner Emphasizing Techniques


Teacher Resources

Lesson Plan: Interpret Poetry Thoughtfully

Poetry Week Planner Elementary

Poetry Week Planner High School

Week-Long Lesson Plan: How to Interpret a Poem with Common Core Standards and Differentiation

Exemplary Poetry Unit Plan


Online Resources from the Smithsonian in English and Spanish:

Andean Rhythms (PDF)
Workshop handout on the music of the Andean region. Includes a glossary of music terms, instrucitons for making a panpie, and brief histories of Andean instruments.

Native Songs: Corridos sin Fronteras (Website)
Learn about, listen to, and write corridos, native songs. Includes videos and information on the history of corridos, timeline with important historical events and the corridos written about them, music samples, biographies of moden corridor artists, glossary, articles and publications, and lesson plans.

Alerta Sings & Canciones para el ReCreo/Children's Songs for the Playground (Website)
Acclaimed Folkways childrens' recordings with easy-to-learn songs from Latin America, the Caribbean, Argentina, and Chile. Accompanied by children singing and Latin American instruments.


Poems, Proverbs, and Songs

Creative Content Poetry by John P. Curtin