Instruction and Assessment Structures Aligned with Danielson and Tomlinson


Set Priorities

Teach Strategically

Make It Clear with Graphic Organizers

Make Common Core Sense--Write to Explain


Activities and/or Assessments

Differentiate to Make the Difference

How to Read to Learn

Interactive Quizzes from the Capital Community College Foundation

Make a Literature Writer's Glossary

Make Writing Meaningful

Punctuation Signals  English / Spanish 

Question of the Week

Strategies that Build Independent Reading Competence

Structure Progressive Lessons

Think Together: Think-Pair-Compare

Thinking in Practice

Write More--Think More--Learn More



A High School Teacher's Guide to Integrating Special Education Methods into Regular Instruction

Strategies for Regular Education Classrooms


Effective Approaches to Reading Instruction: Methods for Regular and Special Education High School Classrooms


Visionary Teacher - Ways to Support Visual Learning


Engaging Teacher - Recommended Activities for Active Learning


Survey the Learner Kit

Competence Credit Progress Log for Students Word | PDF

Math Competence Credit plus Comprehensive Assessment Word | PDF

Teaching Toolkit

Activity Bank

High School Math Connections


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