Organize Curriculum Focus: Quarter, Unit, and Week

ACT College/Work Keys Categories


Monthly Strategy Calendar   Example of Priorities for School-Wide Comprehensive Learning Development

High School Lesson Planner   Word / PDF

High School Literacy Lesson Planner

Individual planning resources in Word format:

Teach by the Week

Four Quarter Plan:     Example     Open Grid

Year in Focus: Important Ideas Each Quarter

Process and Content Emphasized Each Quarter

Outline for Teaching/Learning:      Five Weeks     One Week

First Quarter Planner for Each Week

Weekly Plan Template


Block Schedule Planning
9th & 10th Grade Prep

Map the Month
Four Quarter Calendar of Learning - High School

Four Quarter Curriculum Map Maker Word / PDF
Outline Each Five Week Unit PDFRTF
Exemplary Poetry Unit Plan
Month by Month Priorities

High School Co-Teaching Toolkit  Word / PDF

Plan a Lesson with a Teacher  Word / PDF

Co-Teaching Planner  Word / PDF

How You Start the Lesson  Word / PDF

Make a Planner for a Unit  Word / PDF

Make a Plan to Continue to Collaborate  Word / PDF

Competence-based Unit Planning


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