Gray School Valentine Letter Gallery

Learning Log: Weekly Log English Spanish
Letters to the Mayor English / Spanish
List What's Important  Locate and evaluate information English / Spanish

My Family History Book Write about a real person and events English / Spanish / Spanish AND English (for 2-sided printing)

Sophisticated Traits: Strengthen Self-Concept to Build Confidence English / Spanish
Story Writer Write a story that teaches a lesson English / Spanish 

Write and Illustrate a Children's Book organize and communicate about a topic English / Spanish
Write to Educate communicate about a topic English / Spanish

Write What You Learn English / Spanish


Organize Clear Writing

Functional Writing
Sentence Builder Write complete sentences to tell about a topic English / Spanish 
Make TV a Learning Resource English / Spanish Reading skills 

Writing Poems and Songs

My Chicago Poem Write to communicate an idea  English / Spanish 
Poem Builder Communicate about a topic in a poem English / Spanish 

Poem Builder--Flowers Write a poem about a topic English / Spanish
Topical Poem/Song Builder Write to communicate English / Spanish 

Writing to Learn/Learning to Write with Chicago Topics

Chicago Economic Writers--A Chicago Economy Book English / Spanish write a booklet

Chicago Book Maker organize information to write about an expository topic English / Spanish
Chicago History Writers Write a booklet English / Spanish 

My Chicago Poem Write to communicate an idea  English / Spanish 

More Resources