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Read to Learn, Share What You Learn

Preview Reading

Locate/Classify Information

Constructed Response Organizer  
Analyze/Infer Cause-Effect Relations

Science Learning Summary Guide

Readers use strategies to figure out the main idea of a nonfiction passage

Identify the Main Idea--NONFICTION

Paragraph Reader: I Can Infer the Main Idea

Guides for Writing Nonfiction Science and Social Studies

Illustrate a Text

Organize to Summarize

Organize Information to Explain an Event

Picture Planner        

Picture the Main Idea
English / Spanish

Answer the Big Question with Citation of Evidence

Explain Ideas with Examples

Exhibit Science Ideas

Write What You Learn  

Your students will educate and inspire the entire school when they make exhibits to share the ideas they learn.   They start with a FOCUS and then explain the ideas they clarified with images and captions they display.

See Examples         Planners  to Turn a Bulletin Board into a Learning Exhibit    Past/Present…Future Exhibit Planner

Whistler School Students Exhibit Chicago Learning

Your students can analyze how museums present ideas with “icons” when they visit museums. 

Tools to visit museums: Museum Connections      

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