These examples demonstrate the resourcefulness of teachers and the brilliance they have inspired in their students.  The Cullen Davis Foundation has enabled graduates of Urban Teacher Corps and teachers they network with to share ideas directly in workshops and through in-school and inter-school collaboration.  


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Ms. Zajac's second grade class exhibits their examples to communicate the concept RESPECT

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Ms. Zajac at Finkl Academy Focuses Learning on Core Concepts and Thoughtful Tasks.


Ms. Carrion at Lowell School develops students’ vocabulary knowledge through active student involvement.

A clear example of guiding students to apply
Math Practice Standard 1—
make sense of the problem, then solve it persistently.
Ms. Ferreira, Pilsen Community Academy School

Word Bank English / Spanish (Grades K-8)

Primary students of Ms. Guzman create their own examples to show what words mean.

Gray School students illustrate fraction operation symbols

Gray School student illustrates an idea

Gray School student illustrates an idea.

"Las Mariposas" by Gray School Student

Bell School Exemplary Student Work

Bell Students Analyze Characters

Ms. Kieronski's Students Analyze Fiction at Bell School

Exemplary Work by Students of Mr. Barash

Exemplary Work by Students of Ms. Giradini

Bell Graphic Organizer Examples

Bell Student Responses to "The Fun They Had"

Bell School Animal Farm Gallery



Jahn School Exemplary Student Work


Jahn Students Graphic Organizer Examples


Ms. Shultz’s students at Jahn School use a graphic organizer to analyze the choices and effects of Roger Williams and Anne Hutchison and then construct a text about the history.


Colleen McVeigh's students analyze US history with concepts




Pilsen Community Academy Community School Bulletin Board

Bell School turns bulletin boards into Learning Exhibits

Architecture students map features of the city as they envision the future at Dunbar Career Academy.


Gallery: Preamble to the Constitution Illustrated by Gray School Students


Gray School Students Compare and Contrast Types of Volcanoes

Cause-Effect Diagram

Gray School

Essential Themes of Literature, Special Education Classroom

Gray School

Garden Project

Gregory School

How to Learn with Other Students

Gray School

How to Write Science

Gray School

Cause-Effect Diagram

Gray School

Pair Then Compare

Herzl School--Mentoring Educator Dr. Betty Allen-Green

Student Statement with Support for a Science Choice

Gray School

Students Designed a Zoo

Webster School

Students Diagram Information to Support a BIG Idea

Gray School

Students Illustrate Ideas, Proverbs

Spry Community School

Students Researched to Respond to a Challenging Question

Gray School

Teachers Post Clear Explanations of Important Elements of Fiction and Nonfiction

Esmond School

Third Graders Figured Out a Theme

Gray School

Students Display Science Knowledge

Gray School

Students report their virtual field trip to Ellis Island

Gray School

Gray School student explains the star's life-cycle first person.

Gray School students exhibit what they learn and then ask other students challenging questions.

Pilsen Community Academy Exemplary Work

Wentworth Word and Sentence Builder

Wentworth Story Reader--Miss Nelson is Missing

Wentworth Students Explain Words


Wentworth Students Explain Science Vocabulary

Whistler Literature Report

Whistler Nonfiction Analysis

Whistler Metaphor Chart

Whistler Upper Grade Metaphor Chart

Whistler Students Analyze and then Infer

Whistler Upper Grade Students Analyze Proverbs, then Pair and Compare

Whistler Upper Grade Students Analyze Biographies


Teacher-Developed Guides and Demonstrations

PRC2 Reading Strategy Demonstration

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