Graphic Organizers Based on PARCC
The following graphic organizers are based on the PARCC Technology Enhanced Constructed Response Samples—Tasks in which students analyze a text and organize information in a graphic frame.

The graphic organizer is a constructed response when completed independently. While on PARCC the students have options of items to move into the graphic organizer online, these are "PECRs"—Paper Enhanced Constructed Response organizers.

In addition to the graphic organizer, these assessments/guides include a writing response component.

Nonfiction PARCC-Based Graphic Organizers

Fiction Analyzers

Poetry Interpreters


Primary "PECRs"—graphic organizers students can complete with drawings, words, or cut-outs of parts of texts.

Constructed Response Organizers

Compare and Contrast with a Variation on the Venn:
Word      PDF       Spanish:    Word    PDF

Two-Column Chart: Word      PDF      Spanish:    Word    PDF

Three-Column Chart: Word      PDF      Spanish:    Word    PDF

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