Student Learning Guides

Analyze History
Analyze History with Common Core Anchor Literacy Standards

Analyze History--Challenge, Cause, Choice, Effects
Cause and Effect Diagram English / Spanish (Summarize information in charts and other graphics)

Challenge, Choice, Changes
Challenge, Choice, Changes: Tenochtitlan

Clarify Sequence (Identify important events and sequence on a timeline) Grades 2-8

Compare and Contrast History

Find Choices, Changes, and Consequences
Flow Charts:   3 Parts    6 Parts

History of a Woman Making a Difference English / Spanish

History Reader

Historical Inference Organizer English / Spanish (Make inferences) Grades 3-8

How to Summarize an Event in History or Today English / Spanish  (Summarize information about an event) Grades 3-8

I can infer the main idea of a history

I can summarize history Grades 3-8

Interpret History English / Spanish (Restate a situation presented in text or illustration, analyze that situation) Grades 3-8

Map History English / Spanish (Organize information to explain a topic) Grades 3-8

Profile an Era locate and collect information, make inferences

Sequence Diagram (Sequence events)

Show and Tell Community History (Organize information to explain a topic)

Story/History Reader English / Spanish (Identify important elements in a story or history) Grades 4-8

Their Words English / Spanish (Infer) Grades 3-8

Thematic History Writer (Write to communicate a theme in history)
Then and Now: What has Changed?

Timeline Maker English / Spanish (Sequence and evaluate events) Grades 3-8

Timeline: What Happened? English / Spanish (Sequence and evaluate events)

US History Painting Reader (Synthesize information and ideas from different sources)

The United States Then (Compare and contrast)

US History Exhibit (Comprehend and evaluate information)

Pioneers Topic Report Organizer

The 13 Colonies Topic Report Organizer

U.S. History Topic Report Organizer

World History Topic Report Organizer

American Revolution Topic Report Organizer

African American History Topic Report Organizer

Bell students exhibit ideas: Early Explorers—Why did they explore?

Ms. Shultz’s students at Jahn School use a graphic organizer to analyze the choices and effects of Roger Williams and Anne Hutchison and then construct a text about the history.



Whistler Upper Grade Students Analyze Biographies


Chicago History Resources and Activities


A Chicago Century of Changes

Chicago Changes Exhibit Organizer locate and organize information to communicate ideas

City History Learning Activities

Chicago History Writers organize and communicate information about a topic English / Spanish Grades 3-8

Chicago Then: How did people live and work in Chicago?

Chicago Then and Now: How do people meet needs?

Chicago Then and Now Venn Diagram

Community History/Future Book

Exhibit Chicago History

Focus, Inspire, and Organize

Focus Learning: GROW Plan

Guide Student Learning: Collect Information and Develop Insights

Write an Article: Chicago Changes