The Reading/THINKING\Writing Core

Student Learning/Assessment Guides

Science Writing Guides

Social Studies Writing Guides

General Writing Guides These guides to writing clearly can also be applied to science and social studies.

Report Learning

Learning Log: Weekly Log English / Spanish

Assess Content Learning

Summary and Synthesis

Knowledge Connector Take new information and connect it to what I knew

How to Summarize Nonfiction Summarize a passage 

Important Learning Report Write to explain what I learned

Get It Together: Show What's Important (Main Idea) English / Spanish Identify and support a main idea 
Synthesize to Support an Idea

The graphic organizers for nonfiction reading all can be used as pre-writers--students

organize information in the graphic organizer and then write to explain what they show.


Teacher Resources

Analyze History with Common Core Anchor Literacy Standards

This Week's Reading-Thinking-Content Plan

Template for Content Literacy Plan

Science/Literacy Learning Week Example  WordPDF

Example of Social Studies/Literacy Learning Week

Week-Long Planner for Social Studies/Literacy Progress

Learning Outline

Text to Text

What is the Learning Report Connection?

PQROST is a Clear Path to Nonfiction Reading and Learning in Science and Social Studies

Write about History


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