Guides and Templates


Comprehensive Literacy Unit Planner

--includes unit-level big questions and big ideas standards-based competence priorities selection and the week-to-week overview        WORD      PDF


Content Area Unit Planners with Integrated Literacy Development   


Science unit planner emphasizing formative assessment


SCIENCE    Word    PDF

HISTORY    Word    PDF

CIVICS    Word    PDF


Week to Week Overview--set focus and activities and formative assessments for each week    WORD    PDF


GROW planner for any nonfiction topic--can be a week-long unit or multi-week unit planner

   Word  with examples



Literacy Unit Builders


Examples of Big Ideas and Big Questions for Literacy Units     WORD    PDF


Literacy Unit Resource: Genre Guide


Example Literacy Unit plan: Writers communicate in different genres   Word    PDF


Example Literacy Unit Plan: how writers communicate themes

Example Literacy Unit Plan: fiction unit with week-to-week reading competence development


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