Aligns with CCSSR6—Assess how point of view or purpose shapes the content and style of a text;
and CCSSR5—Analyze author's choices.


Nonfiction Analyzer--The Writers Techniques


How do you read nonfiction? Central Idea


How does the writer support the central idea?

Nonfiction Analyzer: The Writer's Techniques

Nonfiction Lesson Plan Example with BIG Ideas and BIG Questions


How do you read nonfiction?


Nonfiction Analyzer--The Writers Techniques



PARCC Sequence/NWEA Skills Integration 

A comprehensive guide to interpret the writer's techniques after you have analyzed the story.  Pages 1-2 guide reading the story; page 3 guides analyzes the writer's choices that helped you understand it.


Analyze Author's Techniques in a Story


Analyze Artist's Technique~SPANISH

I Can Analyze the Author’s Techniques

How does the author interest you in reading the story?


Analyze What a Picture Adds to a Story

I Can Infer the Author’s Purpose

Show Inferential Thinking


Use the Elements of Fiction to Plan or Interpret a Story.pdf

I Can Analyze an Author’s Purpose—one page postable questions

I Can Analyze an Author’s Techniques—one page postable questions

Learn about Fables



Analyze Poetic Techniques


Poem Lesson Plan Example


Poem Reader


Analyze then Create a Persuasive Song


POEM: This Little Light of Mine


Poets use words and images to communicate about a theme.


Poem Analyzer-Writer's Techniques


Expanded Poem Analyzer


Analyze Author's Techniques: His Eye is on the Sparrow

You can apply the same questions to any spiritual.


In Summer  Analyze a Paul Laurence Dunbar poem.


Analyze Author's Techniques: He Had His Dream


Analyze Author's Techniques: We Shall Overcome  You can apply the same questions to any Civil Rights anthem.


8th grade students at Gray School illustrate the role of the narrator.

Analyze the artist's choices.

Students can develop the ability to interpret a story or poem by applying the same kinds of interpretation to a painting.  This approach has the advantage that the students can see the artwork all at the same time.

Music/Art/Poem/Story Mood Analyzer

Analyze an Artist's Technique 


Mood-Reader Artists use techniques to give their paintings a mood ...


Analyze an Inspiring Speech


Politics and Persuasive Speaking


Roosevelt-First Inaugural Address

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