Activity/Assessment Guides

Assess when students work independently.

Ask and answer questions to analyze art Art-Connected Questions Based on Bloom's Taxonomy
Communicate information in a variety of ways
Show a Theme in a Drawing Grades 2-9
Describe places with pictures Mapping Your Block (PreK-2)
Explain/write to communicate ideas Paraphrase a Painting
Identify/Interpret a situation
Identify and communicate important information
Make/support inferences
Interpret a variety of works Analyze and INFER
Identify and support a main idea
Locate information and use it to write about the topic Show, Then Write What You Learn
Organize information to explain a topic

Show and Tell Community History

Picture meaning
Plan and create an illustration to communicate an idea
Explain/write a poem/song
Make predictions based on a situation
Identify relationships Picture a Situation English / Spanish Grades 3-8
Write and make a map to show important characteristics of a place Show and Tell about a Place Grades 3-8
Synthesize information and ideas from different sources
Compare and contrast two different kinds of passages about the same topic or theme. Compare a Common Theme (Grades 4-8)
Identify words that are important to a topic


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