Read/Think/Write History

Museum Connections
Example of a Culture Unit Plan with Museum Field Trip
Guide to Learn at the Chicago History Museum

Organize a Literate Field Trip to the Chicago History Museum

Plan a Multi-Week Unit with Chicago History Museum Connections
Resources for Use with Chicago History Museum Exhibits

Internet Link: Chicago History Museum Website

Chicago History Resources and Activities

Book and Exhibit Maker locate, collect, organize, synthesize, and communicate information about a topic
A Chicago Century of Changes
Chicago Changes Exhibit Organizer locate and organize information to communicate ideas

City History Learning Activities
Chicago History Writers organize and communicate information about a topic English / Spanish Grades 3-8
Chicago Then: How did people live and work in Chicago?
Chicago Then and Now: How do people meet needs?
Chicago Then and Now Venn Diagram

Collect Evidence to Support an Idea locate, collect, and organize information to support an idea

Community History/Future Book

Exhibit Chicago History

Focus, Inspire, and Organize

Focus Learning: GROW Plan

Get it Together: Show What's Important identify and support a main idea

Guide Student Learning: Collect Information and Develop Insights

Historical Inference Organizer make inferences

History Reader apply the skills of historical analysis and interpretation
How to Summarize an Event in History or Today summarize information about an event English / Spanish

I Can Classify Information classify information

Idea and Examples identify and support a main idea

Illustrate Your Texts: Plan How to Involve Students in Illustrating Texts
Make a Book

Narrative Writer write a narrative
Profile an Era locate and collect information, make inferences
Show History organize information to explain a topic

Summarize an Exhibit explain/write to communicate ideas

Their Words infer English / Spanish (grades 3-8)
Write an Article: Chicago Changes
Write What's Important
read/listen to learn, identify important information

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