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Literature  open planner

example activities  PDF   Sample Literature Plans Character Development     Analyzing Theme

Biography Basic Plan Example Advance Plan Example

Math   Word   with examples Word  PDF

Math Content Schedule  Word      PDF

Physical Education Multi-Week Planner  Word 

Science  Word    with examples  Word  PDF

Social Science  Word  with examples  Word   PDF

Art/Computer/Library/Music/Drama                                                                                                                                                                                        Multi-Week Planner Word 

Writing and Grammar   

Phonics and Sight Words Planner


Fluency Planner

Examples and Resources


Library Example Five-Week Plan—Genres


Science lesson plan structure integrating math, literacy, and careers


Example of a Week-Long Content Literacies Plan


Example: Social Studies Literacy/Learning Week


More Examples and Lesson Planning Resources


GROW nonfiction planner and examples

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