Integrate Visual Art and Literacy Development

Connect Art Interpretation and Common Core Reading Standards

The Art PLUS--The Visual Reader Thinks More!

Common Core Anchor Standards for Reading--Visual Arts Parallels

Picture Planner


Advanced Picture Planner to Communicate a Theme

Communicate Ideas through Arts

Activity Guides to Strengthen Literacy

Activity Guides to Strengthen Content Learning

Use principles of design to interpret or create an artwork

Use elements of art to interpret or create an artwork

Artists' Ideas about Art--Identify the Main Idea

Identify and Support the Theme of an Artwork

Common Core Aligned Questions to Interpret Artwork that Includes People


How to Make a Collage to Communicate an Idea


Analyze Symbols

Culture Song Writer

Haiku Reader

How to Make a Collage by David McKoski

I can infer the moral or message of a fable

Teacher Planning and Assessment Resources

Active Learning: Assessment that Clarifies and Expands Learning

Assess Art-Integrated Learning

Levels of Thinking: Questions/Directions, Actions, Products--ART  Based on Bloom's Taxonomy


Connect Text and Art to Develop CCSS7 Competence
CCSSR7. Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats, including visually and quantitatively, as well as in words.

Principles of Assessment for Effective Teaching

--applies to art as well as other subjects.

Learning Resources for In-School and Extended Learning: Art, Computer, Library, Music Activities


Gray School student identifies story structure.




Students can plan illustrations to communicate ideas.


Student illustrates an idea.

Illustrate the Theme or Central Idea--Download this activity guide.




Gray School student illustrates an idea

Gray School student illustrates an idea.


Gray School students illustrate the Preamble (click above for gallery)


Bell Student Illustrates a Survivor's Response to the Bombing of Hiroshima

Online Visual Arts Resources

ArtsEdge  Arts Integration, provided by the Kennedy Center

Interactive Online Art Making and Interpretation
Web Tools for Kids


"Las Mariposas" by Gray School Student

"Las Ranas" by Gray School Student

"Ranas" by Gray School Student

"Los Tigres" by Gray School Student



Gray School Student Story Map



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