The Common Core = Opportunities for Greater Thinking

> Common Core Teachers will guide students to Read/Think\Write More

> Common Core Anchor Standards for Reading

> Artists' Ideas about Art

> The Bloom's Taxonomy Connection: Common Core assessments require greater thinking.

> What questions would guide students to apply Common Core strategies to interpret a story or history?

> Common Questions for Thoughtful Fiction Interpreters

The Visual Art Connection

> Common Core Anchor Standards for Reading: ART Parallels

> Common Core Aligned Questions to Interpret Artwork that Includes People

> Art-Poem-Story-Music Mood Analyzer

> Paraphrase a Painting

> Read Fiction Thoughtfully, then CREATE!

> My Plan to Communicate a Theme or Idea through Art

> How to Make a Collage to Communicate an Idea

> Poems are word pictures--illustrate them to understand more.


> Haiku Writer

> Analyze a poem and a history text

> Poem Writer

> Communicate a BIG IDEA about history through Art

> Show to Tell BIG Ideas of History

> I can infer the moral or message of a fable.

> Use Symbols to Focus on Concepts and Develop Interpretation Abilities including Analyzing Metaphors--a symbol is like a metaphor

> Show Culture Concepts

> Visualize Nonfiction: Show, then Write What You Learn

> Visualize Ideas: Draw what you hear!

> Answer the BIG question in a Picture Book or Display

Unit and Lesson Planners with Integrated Art

> Common Core Anchor Writing Standards

> Re-Present What You Read: A Core Literacy through Art Development Plan

> Inductive Approach

> Deductive Approach

> Envision Ideas

> Unit Blueprint--Communicating a Theme

> Active Learning and Informative Assessments

> Culture/Literacy Unit Blueprint

> History/Literacy Unit Blueprint

> Example Unit Plan--Focus: Women's History

> Unit Week-to-Week Plan

> Levels of Thinking: Questions/Directions, Actions, Products--ART

More Resources