Center for Urban Education
Differentiate to Make the Difference

Gradual Release of Responsibility

Assess to Improve--Solve Problems

Special Education Teaching Resources Developed for the First Class Program, Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Special Education Guide
Special Education Teaching Toolkit
A Clear Year of Teaching and Learning
New Year's Progress


The Inclusive School

The IEP and the Regular Education Classroom--See the Connections

Planners that Help Chunk Content
Content Unit Planners
Learning Outlines
Map the Month

Planners that Help Develop Content Step-by-Step
Plan for a Week of Reading/Writing Content
Structure for Active Lesson
How to Plan Focused Lessons

Activities for Effective Learning
Grades K-12 Teaching Strategies
Use Drawing to Help Students Learn
Use Graphic Organizers to Clarify Learning

Links to Graphic Organizers for Literacy

Organize Inclusion
Planning for Inclusion

Topic Teaching with Differentiated Instruction
An Inclusive School Improvement Plan Word/PDF
Management and Motivation


Resources to develop higher-order thinking skills through reading, organizing and writing.
Includes resources developed through Chicago Teaching Collaborative,

an initiative sponsored by the Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education


A High School Teacher's Guide to Integrating Special Education Methods into Regular Instruction
Strategies for Regular Education Classrooms
Effective Approaches to Reading Instruction: Methods for Regular and Special Education High School Classrooms
Visionary Teacher - Ways to Support Visual Learning
Engaging Teacher - Recommended Activities for Active Learning

For Mentors and New Teachers
New Teacher's Guide
Mentor Guide (Word)
Weekly Mentoring Report Form (Word)/(Word-Tab)
Your First Few Weeks at School
Communicating with Parents.doc
Communicating with Students.doc
Complete Forms Effectively.doc

Program Resources
Assess to Apply: Workshop Application Report Form
Adjusting to Special Needs

Resources developed for the Networks Participating in the
CPS ASPIRE Initiative

Fullerton Network Resources    

Rock Island Network Resources  

More Resources