Organize Literacy Activity Choices and Workshops

(guide from October 27th RC workshop)

Parent and Student Activities

Parent Connections Planners


Leadership Strategies Aligned with ACT NOW Standards


Professional Development Resources
Plan Job-Embedded PD  

Organize Peer Presentations



Planning Guide

The following items are pages from the Planning Guide.

Resource Coordinator Planners  The RC Role      RC Weekly Time Planner

Quarter Planners

Example of a Comprehensive Four-Quarter Plan

Open Four-Quarter Planner


Month-to-Month Projects and Programs

Student Special Events and Projects Planner

Parents and Family Program and Event Planner


Social/Emotional Development and Your Program


Organize College Field Trips
Kids to College   Leader's Guide     Students' Activities

Common Core Community School Guide

Subject-Focused Planning Tools

Literacy Task Inventory Word      PDF

Math Activity Inventory Word      PDF    Math Mix

Science Task Inventory Word      PDF


Math Reading and Social Emotional Development Resources for Illinois Afterschool Network Programs


Parent Education and Involvement Resources

Guides for Independent Learning

Math Tasks that Integrate Chicago Careers

Activities for Extended Day and Home Including Chicago-connected projects

Standards-Aligned Learning Activities and Your Program

Differentiated Activities and Assessments

My Guide to Good Decisions about Health

ENRICH the Curriculum

Chicago Museum Resources for Learning Connect 

Internet Resources-- Click Here --Expand 

Chicago Connections Activities

Chicago Reading/Writing Resources for Home and School--Develop Skills, Learn Your City

Core Connections Community School Resources

Activities for Extended Day Academics and SEL and Parent Workshops




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